Mountain Top Fibers

Deb and her husband Don retired from busy careers in upstate New York and moved to Ennis, North Carolina in 2009.  They brought along their “family” consisting of goats, sheep, angora rabbits, two dogs, and two cats.  Frankie, a very special Angora goat with exquisite fiber, inspired Deb to start making yarn under the label “Mountain Top Fibers.”   She has expanded her line to include yarns spun from the luxury fibers of her French, Giant and Satin Angora rabbits.  She also has rovings for discerning spinners who love the silky feel of fine angora. When she can take a break from caring for the growing animal family, she knits hats and weaves scarves and shawls.  To take a look at her products on her website.

If you are interested in raising fiber animals, she has French, Giant, and Satin Angora rabbits for show or breeding stock, as well as the occasional Angora goat for sale.

Deb Clemens can be contacted at:  (336) 648-9950 or

Link to Deb’s website: