The Cowgirl Way

Nancy always wanted to be a cowgirl, and during 21 years in Idaho, she realized that dream.  In 2012 she retired and moved back East to be closer to family, but there is a little bit of Idaho in everything she does.  Whether designing yarns, dyeing with plants, or making finished goods on one of her looms, when Nancy works with fiber, it has to be an adventure.  She is always trying something new.  In her work she likes bold textures and a certain rugged, hand-made element, qualities reminiscent of the Idaho landscape.

Moving East, however, has brought changes.  Lately Nancy has been working on lighter garments suitable for a warmer climate.  She has also become interested in overshot weaving, the traditional Appalachian weaving style, and she has been adapting overshot patterns to modern uses.  Since a person can never completely get Idaho out her system, Nancy has continued making bags combining leather and wool.

If you see something that you like, Nancy can be reached at (276) 238-0965 or

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