Alpaca-Dabra & Barn to Yarn

Vivian and her husband John own Alpaca-Dabra, an alpaca farm in Dobson North Carolina.  For the past eight years, their focus has been on breeding for improved fiber, but in achieving that goal, Vivian has become expert in grading and processing fine fleeces.  She passes that knowledge along in Barn to Yarn seminars in which she teaches small groups of people how to take a dirty fleeces fresh off the critter to luxury yarns.  She evaluates fleeces and provides instruction on cleaning.  She discusses the best yarn for each fleece, explains yarn sizes, number of plies, and what the difference is.  After a day on the farm with Vivian, alpaca breeders and fiber artisans will leave confident that they can effectively and efficiently process raw fiber.

In addition to her skill at handling fiber, Vivian is an accomplished artisan.  She loves bright colors and combining them in striking and unusual ways.  Her love of color is evident in the yarn she designs and her signature hats.  Here are some of the items she currently has for sale.

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